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We are excited to share what our customers are saying about "Sea Animal Adventures."

Robbie (9-year-old) says:

I have listened to it sixteen times in four days. All of the songs on the "Sea Animal Adventures" CD are great!


Beth Michi, first grade teacher writes:

Our students performed two songs from the "Sea Animal Adventures" CD in their final school play for the year. At the first practice all of the first grade teachers were astounded at how well the children performed the songs. Some of the teachers literally had tears in their eyes. I was so impressed with the students' enthusiasm that I left that practice and immediately ordered personalized copies of "Sea Animal Adventures" for my two grandchildren. I can hardly wait to give the CDs to them.

Here are some actual comments from our first graders:

"These songs make me want to sing them again and a again!"

"When I sing these songs I feel like I am swimming in a river with a manatee."

"These songs make me feel so happy, and I can't help smiling."

"These songs are awesome!"

Mary Scholtens, Music Educator writes:

Ty Curtis has recorded 8 original songs that will captivate your child from the first listening to the 30th listening. The songs will introduce your child to an eclectic mix of popular musical styles that are united by the theme of coastal habitats and the wild inhabitants that capture every child’s imagination. The clever lyrics are sung by the smooth vocals of Ty Curtis – He is Dan Fogelberg and Jimmy Buffet for the younger set! Parents will want to have this CD in the car because it is a CD that wears well and adults will find themselves singing along too. If that were not enough, each track is personalized for your child with their name included in each song like each song was written and performed just for them!

Lana Eubanks (Grandmother) writes:

I gave the Sea Animal Adventure Birthday CD to my granddaughter and she loves it. I listened to the CD before I gave it to her and I loved every song. The only disappointing thing about this CD is that it comes to an end!

Vernon Huff, MM, - Choral Director, Wando High School writes:

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the CD you made for my son. We listen to it every time he is in the car, and every time you sing his name, he yells, "That's my name!" We both LOVE it!!!

Susan Weaver (purchased for a baby gift) writes:

I got the CD's today. Thank you very much. This is my new favorite baby gift to give! It's worth every penny.

Belinda Corpe, School teacher -Australia writes:

Hi Ty,
I am a Year One teacher in Bundaberg,  Australia. We are currently learning about sea turtles in our class. We have a school concert coming up in a couple of weeks and would like to use your beautiful song ‘Caretta Caretta ‘as part of our performance. I have only managed to find it on youtube so far. Is it possible to purchase a copy from you or to download it somehow? The children really love your song and are looking forward to singing it and making up a little dance to go with it.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Belinda Corpe