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Sea Horse Boy

Sea Animal Adventures
magine galloping with a seahorse along the ocean plains, flying with seagulls along a sandy beach, swimming along side a manatee, attending a penguin rally, or playing with a baby blue whale. This album of personalized songs about sea animals will encourage children to use their imagination; and it will also bring out the child in adults.


***Imagine the previous songs above, personalized with your child's name in them. Instant delight! If you have a child with an unusual name, that's not a problem. We can record new names right away in our studio! What a neat way to show a child how much you care! To hear samples of personalized versions visit the Listen to Samples Page.


***Read comments  students, parents, grandparents, and teachers have left behind.

"Caretta Caretta" (The Loggerhead Sea Turtle)

Caretta Caretta (Sea Turtle Song)

The name "Caretta" is a Latin name, meaning sea turtle. A loggerhead sea turtle can grow up to 800 lbs (364 kg) and 3.5 feet (1.1 m) long. They are named for their large heads. They are also the state reptile of South Carolina.


You and Me and a Manatee - Personalized Music for Children

Manatees inhabit warm, shallow coastal rivers and creeks. They can live in fresh or salt water. Manatees are herbivores and eat many different plant species and types of algae. An adult manatee will commonly eat up to 10% of its body weight (approx 150 lbs) per day.


A message from Ty Curtis, Owner of Childs Play Music, LLC

For years I have seen looks of joy on children’s faces when they hear their names sung in a song. It is a cherished moment of surprise and delight.

Now you can give that same gift to that special child in your life. Our personalized children’s music CDs have well-crafted lyrics and fantastic melodies. Our songs are kid-tested before they are recorded. We know that your child will listen to these songs over and over again. It’s the perfect gift to put a smile on a child’s face.

 We will be delighted to personalize a CD for your child today!


Ty Curtis Ty Curtis (ChildsPlayMusic.Com)  

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